Definition of 方

  • direction
  • person
  • alternative


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ホウ
  • かた
  • -かた
  • -がた

Popular Words With This Kanji

方, かた

direction, way, person, lady, gentleman, method of, manner of, way of, care of .., person in charge of .., side (e.g. "on my mother's side")

一方, いっぽう

one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party, on the one hand, on the other hand, whereas, although, but at the same time, meanwhile, in turn, (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on, only

方針, ほうしん

objective, plan, policy

地方, ちほう, じかた

area, locality, district, region, province, countryside, rural area, coast (esp. as seen from the water), person singing ballads in noh, person in charge of music in a Japanese dance performance

見方, みかた

viewpoint, point of view, way of understanding, way of appreciating, how to look at something (e.g. noh, train schedule)

方法, ほうほう

method, process, manner, way, means, technique

方向, ほうこう

direction, orientation, bearing, way, course (e.g. of action)

方式, ほうしき

form, method, system, formula

行方, 行く方, 行衛, ゆくえ

(one's) whereabouts, course, direction

行方, 行く方, 行衛, ゆくえ

(one's) whereabouts, course, direction

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