Definition of 飴

  • rice jelly
  • candy


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • あめ
  • やしな

Popular Words With This Kanji

飴, あめ

(hard) candy, toffee

飴玉, あめ玉, あめだま


飴煮, あめに

food boiled in sugared broth

飴屋, あめや

candy shop, candy maker

飴色, あめ色, あめいろ

amber, yellowish-brown

晒し飴, さらしあめ

sweet rice jelly, (whitish) rice candy

求肥飴, ぎゅうひあめ

type of soft Japanese confectionery made with rice flour (somewhat similar to Turkish delight)

べっこう飴, 鼈甲飴, べっこうあめ

hard candy, candy suckers molded on a griddle, tortoise-shell candy

水黽, 水馬, 飴坊, あめんぼ, あめんぼう, アメンボ, アメンボウ

pond skater (any insect of family Gerridae), water strider

千歳飴, ちとせあめ

red and white candy stick sold at children's festivals

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