Definition of 来

  • come
  • due
  • next
  • cause
  • become


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ライ
  • タイ
  • きた
  • きた
  • たす
  • たる

Popular Words With This Kanji

以来, いらい

since, henceforth

来る, 來る, くる

to come (spatially or temporally), to approach, to arrive, to come back, to do ... and come back, to come to be, to become, to get, to grow, to continue, to come from, to be caused by, to derive from, to come to (i.e. "when it comes to spinach ...")

来年, らいねん

next year

将来, しょうらい

future (usually near), prospects

従来, じゅうらい

up to now, so far, traditional, existing (e.g. equipment)

出来る, 出來る, できる

to be able (in a position) to do, to be up to the task, to be ready, to be completed, to be made, to be built, to be good at, to be permitted (to do), to become intimate, to take up (with somebody), to grow, to be raised

来日, らいにち

arrival in Japan, coming to Japan, visit to Japan

本来, ほんらい

originally, primarily, essentially, naturally, by nature, in (and of) itself, proper, legal

来月, らいげつ

next month

来年度, らいねんど

next year, next fiscal year

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