Definition of 蛉

  • dragonfly
  • moon moth


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • レイ

Popular Words With This Kanji

蜻蛉, 蜻蜓, とんぼ, とんぼう, せいれい, トンボ

dragonfly, damselfly

赤とんぼ, 赤蜻蛉, あかとんぼ

(small) red dragonfly, darter (dragonfly of genus Sympetrum, esp. the autumn darter, Sympetrum frequens)

とんぼ返り, 蜻蛉返り, トンボ返り, とんぼがえり, トンボがえり

somersault, returning from a destination right after arriving there, non-stop round trip, round trip without an overnight stop, abrupt change of direction

蜉蝣, 蜻蛉, かげろう, ふゆう

mayfly, ephemeropteran, ephemerality (of human life), dragonfly, damselfly

竹とんぼ, 竹蜻蛉, たけとんぼ

small wooden Japanese toy that flies when spun between the palms of one's hands

極楽蜻蛉, ごくらくとんぼ

happy-go-lucky fellow, an easygoing and indifferent person, a pococurante

蛇蜻蛉, へびとんぼ, ヘビトンボ

dobsonfly (esp. species Protohermes grandis)

気楽トンボ, 気楽蜻蛉, 気楽とんぼ, きらくとんぼ, きらくトンボ

happy-go-lucky fellow, easygoing and indifferent person, pococurante

草蜉蝣, 草蜻蛉, くさかげろう, クサカゲロウ

green lacewing (esp. species Chrysopa intima)

蚊トンボ, 蚊蜻蛉, かトンボ, かとんぼ

crane fly, daddy longlegs (insect of family Tipulidae), a tall, gangly person, string bean

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