Definition of 去

  • gone
  • past
  • quit
  • leave
  • elapse
  • eliminate
  • divorce


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • キョ
  • -さ

Popular Words With This Kanji

過去, かこ

the past, bygone days, the previous, a past (i.e. a personal history one would prefer remained secret), one's past, past (tense), preterit, preterite, previous life

死去, しきょ


去る, 避る, さる

to leave, to go away, to pass, to elapse, to be distant, to send away, to drive off, to divorce, (after a -masu stem, esp. of a suru verb) ... completely, last ... (e.g. "last April")

撤去, てっきょ

withdrawal, revocation, repeal, demolition, removal

除去, じょきょ

removal, getting rid of

去年, きょねん, こぞ

last year

退去, たいきょ

departure, leaving, going away, evacuation, recession

置き去り, 置きざり, おきざり

desertion, leaving behind or in the lurch

連れ去る, 連去る, つれさる

to take away, to kidnap

連れ去る, 連去る, つれさる

to take away, to kidnap

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