Definition of 筋

  • muscle
  • sinew
  • tendon
  • fiber
  • plot
  • plan
  • descent


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • キン
  • すじ

Popular Words With This Kanji

筋, 条, すじ

muscle, tendon, sinew, vein, artery, fiber, fibre, string, line, stripe, streak, reason, logic, plot, storyline, lineage, descent, school (e.g. of scholarship or arts), aptitude, talent, source (of information, etc.), circle, channel, well-informed person (in a transaction), logical move (in go, shogi, etc.), ninth vertical line (shogi), seam on a helmet, gristly fish paste (made of muscle, tendons, skin, etc.), social position, status, on (a river, road, etc.), along, counter for long thin things, (Edo period) counter for hundreds of mon (obsolete unit of currency)

筋肉, きんにく

muscle, sinew

大筋, おおすじ

outline, summary

道筋, みちすじ

path, route, itinerary

心筋, しんきん

heart muscle, myocardium

消息筋, しょうそくすじ

informed circles

鉄筋, てっきん

rebar, (concrete) iron reinforcing bar

一筋, 一すじ, ひとすじ

one long straight object (e.g. strand of hair, beam of light), a single bloodline, earnest, resolute, intent, ordinary, common

筋力, きんりょく

physical strength, muscle strength

背筋, せすじ, はいきん

the muscles along the spine, dorsal muscles, spinal column, seam in the back, back seam

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