Definition of 苦

  • suffering
  • trial
  • worry
  • hardship
  • feel bitter
  • scowl


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • くるしい
  • -ぐるしい
  • くるしむ
  • くるしめる
  • にが
  • にが

Popular Words With This Kanji

苦しい, くるしい

painful, difficult, agonizing, needy, tight (budget), straitened (circumstances), forced (smile, joke), lame (excuse), strained (interpretation), awkward (situation), painful (position), (after masu stem) hard to do, unpleasant

苦労, 苦勞, くろう

troubles, hardships

苦労, 苦勞, くろう

troubles, hardships

苦しむ, くるしむ

to suffer, to groan, to be worried

苦情, くじょう

complaint, troubles, objection, grievance

苦戦, くせん

hard fight, close game

苦しみ, くるしみ

pain, anguish, distress, suffering, hardship

苦手, にがて

poor (at), weak (in), not very good (at), dislike (of)

苦悩, くのう

suffering, distress, affliction, anguish, agony, trouble

苦痛, くつう

pain, agony, bitterness

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