Definition of 型

  • mould
  • type
  • model


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ケイ
  • かた
  • -がた

Popular Words With This Kanji

型, かた, がた

model, type (e.g. of machine, goods, etc.), type, style, pattern, mold (mould), template, model, kata (standard form of a movement, posture, etc. in martial arts, sport, etc.), form (i.e. customary procedure), size (i.e. clothing, shoes), (taxonomical) form

大型, 大形, おおがた

large, large scale, big, jumbo

小型, 小形, こがた

small size, tiny

新型, 新形, しんがた

new type, new style, new model, new strain (e.g. infectious disease)

典型, てんけい

type, pattern, model, epitome, exemplar, archetypal, representative

造形, 造型, ぞうけい

molding, moulding, modelling (i.e. plastic arts), modeling

模型, もけい

model, dummy, maquette

型録, カタログ, かたろぐ

catalog, catalogue

自由形, 自由型, じゆうがた

freestyle (e.g. swimming event)

円形, 丸型, 丸形, 円型, えんけい, まるがた

round shape, circle, circular form

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