Definition of 決

  • decide
  • fix
  • agree upon
  • appoint


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ケツ
  • める
  • -ぎ
  • まる

Popular Words With This Kanji

決める, 極める, きめる

to decide, to choose, to determine, to make up one's mind, to resolve, to set one's heart on, to settle, to arrange, to set, to appoint, to fix, to clinch (a victory), to decide (the outcome of a match), to persist in doing, to go through with, to always do, to have made a habit of, to take for granted, to assume, to dress up, to dress to kill, to dress to the nines, to carry out successfully (a move in sports, a pose in dance, etc.), to succeed in doing, to immobilize with a double-arm lock (in sumo, judo, etc.)

決定, けってい

decision, determination

解決, かいけつ

settlement, solution, resolution

決まる, 決る, 極る, きまる

to be decided, to be settled, to look good in (clothes)

決まる, 決る, 極る, きまる

to be decided, to be settled, to look good in (clothes)

判決, はんけつ

judicial decision, judgement, judgment, sentence, decree

決議, けつぎ

resolution, vote, decision

決勝, けっしょう

decision of a contest, finals (in sports)

決着, 結着, けっちゃく

conclusion, decision, end, settlement

決断, けつだん

decision, determination

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