Definition of 固

  • harden
  • set
  • clot
  • curdle


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • かためる
  • かたまる
  • かたまり
  • かた

Popular Words With This Kanji

固める, 堅める, かためる

to harden, to freeze, to strengthen, to solidify, to make (a fist), to tramp down (snow, dirt), to put together, to collect, to gather, to consolidate, to make secure, to stabilize, to settle down, to strengthen (belief, resolution, etc.), to establish (evidence), to fortify, to reinforce, to support, to wear for a specific purpose (armor, coat, etc.), to swear, to resolutely vow, to sincerely promise, to tie tightly, to fasten, to hold a bow fully drawn

固まる, かたまる

to harden, to solidify, to become firm, to become certain, to gather (together), to assemble, to huddle together

固定, こてい

fixation, fixing (e.g. salary, capital)

硬い, 固い, 堅い, 緊い, かたい

hard, solid, tough, stiff, tight, wooden, unpolished (e.g. writing), strong, firm (not viscous or easily moved), safe, steady, honest, steadfast, obstinate, stubborn, bookish, formal, stuffy

固有, こゆう

characteristic, traditional, peculiar, inherent, native, eigen-

元より, 固より, 素より, もとより

from the beginning, from the first, all along, originally, of course

固執, こしつ, こしゅう

adherence (e.g. to ideas, beliefs, a pet theory) (negative nuance), persistence, insistence, stubbornness

断固, 断乎, だんこ

firm, determined, resolute, conclusive

固め, 堅め, かため

hardening, fortifying, pledge, vow, defense, defence, guarding

塊, 固まり, 塊まり, かたまり

lump, mass, bundle, clump, clod, cluster

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