Extra kanji

Kanji that I want to learn that aren't included in the Joyo kanji list(this list will probably be quite empty for a while).

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ソン, うわさ

rumor, gossip, hearsay

Added: Mar 23rd 2017 08:00 PM

キ, うれしい, たのしむ

glad, pleased, rejoice

Added: Mar 20th 2017 05:40 PM

キ, あや

figured cloth, beautiful

Added: Mar 6th 2017 03:53 AM

シュウ, あだ, むくいる, たる

enemy, revenge

Added: May 23rd 2015 04:19 AM

ハク, ホウ, ビョウ, かばん

suitcase, bag, briefcase

Added: Dec 24th 2014 05:26 AM

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