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Vocab encountered reading news stories for children

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信じる, しんじる

to believe, to believe in, to place trust in, to confide in, to have faith in

Added: Apr 9th 2015 03:30 AM

拘わる, 拘る, こだわる

to fuss over, to be particular about, to be obsessive, to be fixated

Added: Jan 18th 2015 03:39 PM

紹介, しょうかい

introduction, referral

Added: Jan 9th 2015 11:14 AM

開く, ひらく

to open (e.g. a bank-account, festival, etc.), to spread out, to open up (flower bud, umbrella, etc.), to widen (gap, distance, width), to hold, to give (party, conference, etc.)

Added: Jan 9th 2015 11:13 AM

行う, 行なう, おこなう

to perform, to do, to conduct oneself, to carry out

Added: Jan 9th 2015 11:13 AM

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