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A list of onomatopoeic sounds to bring sentences to life and add a little more fun to learning!

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ぷちぷち, プチプチ

sound of bubbles (or other small objects) being popped, lumpy sensation (e.g. of food), little bits, small grains, bubble wrap (trademark of Kawakami Sangyo Co.)

Added: May 28th 2016 09:36 AM

うとうと, うとっと

falling in a doze, dozing

Added: May 8th 2016 06:15 AM


sleeping soundly

Added: May 8th 2016 06:14 AM


munch, crunch

Added: May 8th 2016 06:11 AM



Added: May 8th 2016 06:11 AM

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Study List Comments

2 years ago


mochimochi is one of them but please explain it properly. Thank you!

2 years ago


Just few?!? I was told Japanese language is full of onomatopoeia words. List some more, please!