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Words which came up in the book.


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鳴き声, 啼き声, 啼声, 鳴声, なきごえ

cry (esp. animal), roar, chirp, tweet, bark, whine, meow

Added: Jun 18th 2017 08:10 AM

塊, 固まり, 塊まり, かたまり

lump, mass, bundle, clump, clod, cluster

Added: Jun 18th 2017 08:06 AM

防御, 防禦, ぼうぎょ

defense, defence, safeguard, protection

Added: Jun 18th 2017 08:05 AM

念力, ねんりき

will-power, faith, telekinesis, psychokinesis

Added: Jun 18th 2017 08:04 AM

極楽鳥, ごくらくちょう

bird of paradise (Paradisaeidae family)

Added: Jun 17th 2017 05:35 AM

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