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林檎, 苹果, りんご, りゅうごう, リンゴ

apple, apple tree (Malus pumila)

Added: Oct 25th 2019 03:48 AM

離婚, りこん


Added: Oct 25th 2019 03:43 AM

彼処, 彼所, あそこ, あすこ, かしこ, あしこ, あこ

there (place physically distant from both speaker and listener), over there, that place, yonder, genitals, that far (something psychologically distant from both speaker and listener), that much, that point

Added: Oct 25th 2019 03:33 AM

変化球, へんかきゅう

ball with a change of speed (baseball)

Added: Oct 4th 2019 03:40 AM

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