Useful Kanji

Useful Kanji

(JLPT N5 and some N4)

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昼ご飯, 昼御飯, 昼ごはん, ひるごはん

lunch, midday meal

Added: Jun 29th 2020 07:57 PM

水, みず

water (esp. cool, fresh water, e.g. drinking water), fluid (esp. in an animal tissue), liquid, flood, floodwaters, water offered to sumo wrestlers just prior to a bout, break granted to sumo wrestlers engaged in a prolonged bout

Added: Feb 23rd 2020 04:06 PM

十万, じゅうまん

100,000, hundred thousand

Added: Feb 23rd 2020 02:24 PM

何, なに, なん

what, how many (some counter), euph. for genitals or sex

Added: Feb 20th 2020 11:45 AM

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Most Recently Added Kanji


employee, member, number, the one in charge

Added: Aug 7th 2020 09:59 AM

リ, ことわり

logic, arrangement, reason, justice, truth

Added: Aug 4th 2020 09:23 PM

シン, こころ, -ごころ

heart, mind, spirit, heart radical (no. 61)

Added: Aug 4th 2020 09:23 PM

キ, あぶない, あやうい, あやぶむ

dangerous, fear, uneasy

Added: Jul 29th 2020 11:18 AM

セツ, サイ, る, -きる, り, -きり, -ぎり, れる, -きれる, れ, -きれ, -ぎ

cut, cutoff, be sharp

Added: Jul 29th 2020 08:24 AM

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