Good vs. Evil

Updated 2 years ago

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In this lesson, you can master how to write some common adjectives with kanji! You will be surprised how sophisticated your writing can look just by adding some kanji!

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Character Definition


polish, study of, sharpen

キュウ, ク, きわめる

research, study


fee, materials

リ, ことわり

logic, arrangement, reason, justice, truth

シャ, ジャ, うつす, うつる, うつ-, うつ

copy, be photographed, describe

シン, ま, ま-, まこと

true, reality, Buddhist sect

タイ, タ, ふとい, ふと

plump, thick, big around

テイ, ひくい, ひくめる, ひくまる

lower, short, humble

セイ, ショウ, ただしい, ただす, まさ, まさ

correct, justice, righteous, 10**40

アク, オ, わるい, わる-, し, にくい, -にくい, ああ, いずくに, いずくんぞ, にく

bad, vice, rascal, false, evil, wrong